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We are almost finished Season 2 of THOSE DAMN CANADIANS!!

Just some housekeeping left on 9 of the episodes, a full edit on the 10th episode, color correction, sound mixing and we're done. It has been quite a process. First of all, we decided we wanted to shoot a second season of the show. What we call our first season, I actually wrote as a half hour pilot, and later cut into webisodes, but this time out, I wrote episodes specifically for the web. They're all around 7 minutes long and are self contained. Looking back on the past few months, I am amazed we pulled it all together! First of all, we got the idea to do our Kickstarter campaign, and while we were doing that, I was writing the show we hoped we were going to be able to do. Since I wasn't dying to write it for no reason I was reluctant to put too much on paper until it looked as if we might reach our goal of$29,000.00. So I was stalling until about 3 weeks before shooting. Also, we weren't sure who might be interested to come back, who might be available etc. As it turned out, almost everyone was excited to come and shoot Season 2, which was great, but of course a scheduling nightmare. Our leading actor, Christopher Shyer, was on tour with The Book of Mormon, and would have a very small window to come and shoot with us. To be precise,Saturday before the matinee, Sunday before the matinee, all day Monday and Tuesday before the evening show. Our leading actress, Lynda Boyd, had only one day to give us. She flew in from Vancouver for a full day on Saturday. Of course, we shoot guerilla style, which means shooting around the disruptions of airplanes, wind storms, leaf blowers, lawn mowers, dogs barking, cats howling, traffic etc. Everyone was great. Our line producer Kelly Mcall kept everything on track, our DP Jake Sarfaty and his fantastic mini crew got great coverage in very limited spaces, our sound operators Ben Lazarus and Alejo Ramos-Ariansen recorded great stuff, often under adverse conditions, and all the actors showed up with their "A Game", ready to do whatever was needed in only one or two takes. So now, only a few weeks to go! Can't wait to release THOSE DAMN CANADIANS SEASON 2!!!

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