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So, Those Damn Canadians, having spent some time on the Festival circuit in 2016, playing in fests in Europe and North America, and winning awards for Best Web Series, as well as for best performer, (Christopher Shyer), is now airing on Frontiers Media's new and improved website.

Check it out!! We are very happy with the series and are hoping to shoot more of it in 2017. We are also working on a film based on the lead character's adventures.

Meanwhile, both CB and I have been very busy in Toronto this year...CB as VFX producer on The Strain, and me, shooting the second and third TV movies of the new Anne of Green Gables project for Breakthrough and Corus Entertainment. The first part airs on PBS on Masterpiece theatre on American Thanksgiving Day! I have also been playing a head Mistress of a British Equestrian Riding Academy in a show called RIDE!

Stay tuned1 More adventures to come from Those Damn Canadians!!

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